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Girl From Dystopian YA Novel Reviews NBC’s ‘The Slap’ | Observer
"Valentine Neverwoods is about to turn 17 and face The Test that will determine her future. Read more at @DystopianYA. Dana Schwartz is a writer and comedian from Chicago, IL. You can follow her on Twitter at @DanaSchwartzzz.

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A Storm Without Rain: A Novel in Time: Jan Adkins: 9780937822807: Books

This is one of my favorite books. I lived in Marion, Massachusetts, where the book is set, and I still think of the waters of Buzzards Bay as my home, though the house in which I presently write sits in California. The young protagonist is named after my dear friend John Swain Carter, a Cape Codder who comes from strong Nantucket Quaker stock. Most of the characters in the book are historical figures, and all the locations - even the old boatyard in Marion - are real.

I don't write magic. For me, the time-travel factor is only a tool to fold a family heritage back on itself so one generation meets another and finds strength in the continuum.

I hope you enjoy the boys' adventure as much as I do. If this kind of historical fiction speaks to you, try Young Zorro: The Iron Brand, which is also about family, time and location - Pueblo de los Angeles in 1805.