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Highly curated inchoate miscellany

somebody [...] had called pneumonia the patient's friend because it takes you away fairly painlessly.

"2 panels: Big bang. Heat death. You're done." Understanding Comics with Scott McCloud - 99% Invisible

Our Last Six Months – An Illustrated Memoir About , , End of Life Care, , Family, and Forgiveness

Send in the Gowns Not addressed: Judicial chaos benefits privatly run detention center

@20korg Have you ever done an episode about DTMF - Touch Tone?

@MSNBC @joanwalsh @ANNELAMOTT Just

Great east coast north america opportunity coming right up

"Certified organic by organic certifiers"

Rotational breakup as the origin of small asteroids | Nature

Fake Your Way Through Minis and Mainframes (formerly, The Operating Systems Handbook)

@listen2spacepod Hi Carrie- I'd love to hear a show about binary asteroids and asteroids with satellites.

@kevinmarks I've been enjoying @BBCInOurTime - Many thanks for the tip! @twitlive @leolaporte

Jihadism and far-right fanaticism viewed as responses to the same malaise - Versions of nihilism
"What makes these ideologies appealing is not their content but the strong collective identity they offer."

1226 Francis of Assisi died age 44 or 45. Genghis Khan died the following year age age ~65.