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Mike Caulfield @holden on Twitter: "Got one of the most generally useful insights from a year of down to 500 words:"

Entertaining coverage of the Tour de France and other races

Manual for Speed

.@judell a fundamental issue: "the world’s supply of creative talent far exceeds the commercial demand for it."

Jon Udell on Twitter: "On getting paid (or not) to write."

Girl From Dystopian YA Novel Reviews NBC’s ‘The Slap’ | Observer
"Valentine Neverwoods is about to turn 17 and face The Test that will determine her future. Read more at @DystopianYA. Dana Schwartz is a writer and comedian from Chicago, IL. You can follow her on Twitter at @DanaSchwartzzz.

Replied to a post on :

(#via @holden) I've just signed up for: A Fedwiki Happening on Teaching Machines Featuring Audrey Watters

Worth sharing - @Pitosalas: "When you are writing a 'business' email, always follow [6] best-practices":

@holden :
1. "Try to form it around a reusable, re-linkable idea."
2. "Find someone else's page, and edit it to your liking, fearlessly"
Fedwiki Daily #7: “I DON’T CARE DO UR OWN PAGE!"

@judell "One thing I held on to during fedwiki was that it wasn’t intended to be wikipedia, and to me that meant it wasn’t intended to produce articles so much as to sustain and connect ideas in formation that might find their way into article-like things on other platforms."

I write more freely here since no one sees it