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? @erinjo @withknown @benwerd "want to win against Facebook? Let go of the idea of people reading your stuff on your site"

just twitter, @judell @erinjo @joshu @holden @withknown @benward

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@withknown is making me sign in repeatedly this morning, derailing my already tenuous train of thought

.@withknown (Where) is there Known API doc? I haven't found it.

.@withknown This morning some of my posts are getting through to Twitter, some aren't. I haven't figured out what causes the fail or if it's random. Any hints?

"@withknown I just tried that text again and it still fails. (These are all simple status updates posts)"

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used this for their

@withknown Is it possible to identify a Known site with an ID in such a way that even if it moves to another domain its old urls can find it? Without a single point of failure?

(Let's try this again, posting to Twitter also to see what happens.)
I'm also looking forward to follow functionality on known.