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"Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug " & "it’s a hell of a business model."

HT @TaraReed_ AirDev

@airdevco @Bubble_Group

“But I gotta wonder: How do they do it?”
And as I recall, you're pretty dang smart!
 —  @pitosalas

.@withknown This morning some of my posts are getting through to Twitter, some aren't. I haven't figured out what causes the fail or if it's random. Any hints?

"@withknown I just tried that text again and it still fails. (These are all simple status updates posts)"

Girl From Dystopian YA Novel Reviews NBC’s ‘The Slap’ | Observer
"Valentine Neverwoods is about to turn 17 and face The Test that will determine her future. Read more at @DystopianYA. Dana Schwartz is a writer and comedian from Chicago, IL. You can follow her on Twitter at @DanaSchwartzzz.

How should I use to RT a tweet to my known site *and* give the source real Twitter RT credit?

@withknown Yes, post to Twitter is working again for me.

@withknown post to Twtter no working again.

@holden :
1. "Try to form it around a reusable, re-linkable idea."
2. "Find someone else's page, and edit it to your liking, fearlessly"
Fedwiki Daily #7: “I DON’T CARE DO UR OWN PAGE!"