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@leolaporte I love to hear @baconmeteor (Maciej Ceglowski of @Pinboard) on or or another @twitlive show.

@kevinmarks I've been enjoying @BBCInOurTime - Many thanks for the tip! @twitlive @leolaporte

Online Apollo Guidance Computer Simulator
My very 1st G+ search for deep passionate geek stuff. @mikeelgan @twit suggestion. Too cool.

Fossdroid: Free and open source Android applications

Launchpad Toys – Creators of Toontastic & TeleStory, educational apps for the iPad and iPhone

"They're called the Committee, and they're building an extralegal, nation-replacing, wealth-protectomg, fee-base data-rights system." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot p257

This is the podcast that got me started on the indieweb: This Week in Google 266 | TWiT.TV