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SpaceX pad abort test

"eight powerful SuperDraco rocket thrusters — together producing 120,000 pounds of thrust"
"reached 100 mph in 1.2 seconds"
"consumed their nearly two-ton load of hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide propellant in less than six seconds, pushing the Dragon capsule a third of a mile above Cape Canaveral."
"Top speed? 345 mph"
"a peak altitude of nearly 5,000 feet"
"a landing point about 1.4 miles"
"splashed down a minute and 39 seconds after takeoff"

Airborne Systems developed ... (SpaceX) The Dragon EDLS consists of three 116 ft modern concept ringsail main
parachutes – and, two 19 ft VPCR parachutes which are mortar deployed.

SpaceX Pad Abort Test -
What I like about this flight is that one could duplicate it with an AeroTech mid-power rocket.
YouTube Beach Beach with NASA inset