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Project Apollo Reentry Simulation ~ 1965 NASA; How Atmospheric Re-entry Was Simulated in the 1960s - YouTube

Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis Website ORSA

Used in some

Earth Orbit Simulator -
Position the Satellite and its initial velocity vector to see the resulting orbit around the Earth.

Remarkable research and model (in Orbiter) of the Gemini rendezvous process

Gemini semi-optical rendezvous tutorial (v 0.3)

J. A. Rial - UNC Department of Geological Sciences
Theoretical Geophysics/Climatology.
Computer Modeling of Environmental Systems.

I think this is the guy who the Long Now speaker worked with. He's at UNC. Judith Curry?

Apollo Lunar Landing Simulation - YouTube "Seven minute film depicting LM undocking and landing gear inspection to touchdown. Made using Ron Monsen's Eagle Lander 3D Software."