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Rotational breakup as the origin of small asteroids | Nature

Fake Your Way Through Minis and Mainframes (formerly, The Operating Systems Handbook)

near? Confused? Audio learner? This is for you: What You Need to Know Before You’re 65 @cwclub

The Right Way to Resist Trump
Lesson & warning from Berlusconi years

NEOWISE Reactivation Mission Year One: Preliminary Asteroid Diameters and Albedos

Ensemble Composer -

I used this to transcribe Samba Chill
The image export of the score is useless: it export each bar as a separate jpg.
Fifty Years of Orbit Determination: Development of Modern Astrodynamics Methods
Jerome R. Vetter

@NYTArchives @Google lemonyellow first led me to the story of George Price and possibly to Andrew Brown's writing.