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Jocelyn Bell Burnell: 'a bit of "scruff''
From Eros to Gaia
Cosmic Search Vol. 1, No. 1 - Little Green Men, White Dwarfs or Pulsars?

Ron Baalke on Twitter: "50 years today (1965), Mariner 4 flew by & took the 1st closeup images of that planet."

@vpostrel As Rush et al have long since done for the right: RT Virginia Postrel on Twitter: "True: "his chief influence has been to make outrage, cynicism, and condescension the language of the left @jbouie" "story of the McKay family and the 88′, 300 ton galleon they built in Addison, ME. It’s the moving and tragic story of a ship, the family that built her and the personal mission that became an obsession."