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Shots Fired 1/2 - Radiolab
Mike Chitwood @ 31:50 but listen to the whole thing

An Immigrant Doctor (rural Georgia, most patients white supporters) on the Immigration Ban

@astVintageSpace A great post or video would be about the actual problems the women of @HiddenFigures were solving and the methods they used

freeman dyson brezhnev race - Google Search
"Freeman Dyson ... When Prime Minister James Callahan made his statevisit to Moscow hehad two amicable meetings with Chairman Leonid Brezhnev. ... Callahan's interpreter hesitated, and instead of translating Brezhnev's remark askedhimto repeat it. ... interpreter translated: “Mr. Prime Minister, there is only one important question facing us,and thatis the question whether the white race will survive."

A new company called Edge Up Sports is aiming to make its Watson-powered service available in time for the upcoming [NFL] season

Entertaining coverage of the Tour de France and other races

Manual for Speed

Looking for the roots of terrorism : "France has about 7.5% Muslims and [they make] up to 60–75% of the prison population. It’s a very similar situation to black youth in the United States."

1932 Ford B-Block/Cragar Racer - Owls Head Transportation Museum - HD - YouTube
Owls Head Transportation Museum Executive Director Russ Rocknak demonstrates the 1932 Ford/Cragar dirt track racer during one of OHTM's summer events. The Cragar is a custom-built racer like many of the assembled racers that raced on dirt tracks, such as fairgrounds, during the 1920s and 1930s. This racer has a Model T chassis, Model A drive line and a Model B engine block with Cragar head and pressure