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When @BeakerBrowser gets a @dat_project public key it has never seen before, how does it turn it into an ip address?

Numerically modelling tidal dissipation with bottom drag in the oceans of Titan and Enceladus

.@DS_COVR Why no 10 & 11 November EPIC images? New ?

Do Baysian statistics, Kalman filters and convolutioal neural networks share underlying principles?

Bush/Cheney forced/cherry picked/lied about MWD intelligence to justify Iraq war. Is Obama doing the same re Iran time to bomb intelligence?

Is there anything mystical or magical in the thin airfoil theory result Cl=2*pi*alpha?

.@withknown This morning some of my posts are getting through to Twitter, some aren't. I haven't figured out what causes the fail or if it's random. Any hints?

When will EPIC whole earth images be available? Anyone? @DS_COVR @algore @Spaceflight101 @NASASpaceflight

Free Beautiful Online Survey & Form Builder | Typeform
used this for their

@withknown Is it possible to identify a Known site with an ID in such a way that even if it moves to another domain its old urls can find it? Without a single point of failure?

How should I use to RT a tweet to my known site *and* give the source real Twitter RT credit?

@withknown @benwerd Would you share your thoughts about having or not having a separate url field on a status update post?

John Brockman on Twitter: "Coyne-Dennett-Dyson-Gelernter-Goldstein-Gopnik-Kelly-Pentland- Pepperberg-Pinker-Smolin-Steinhardt-Wilczek:"