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Rotational breakup as the origin of small asteroids | Nature

@listen2spacepod Hi Carrie- I'd love to hear a show about binary asteroids and asteroids with satellites.

If You Could See All The Asteroids, What Would The Sky Look Like?

This is kind of scary. I know there are patterns there but it sure looks random in a way that is somehow different from biological systems.

@astVintageSpace A great post or video would be about the actual problems the women of @HiddenFigures were solving and the methods they used

passes over the Gulf of Maine Monday morning 1/9/2017

Animation of Orbit and Approach of June 2, 2016 Arizona Fireball -
"General perturbation techniques SGP SGP  BL on the contrary do not
use multiple time steps to transfer from a set of initial conditions to a nal
solution Rather general perturbation techniques implement an analytical in
tegration of the equations of motion to transform a set of initial conditions
directly to a nal solution However due to the complex nature of the equa
tions representing the physical models exactly integrable expressions are di
cult to obtain For this reason simplications approximations and truncations
are made to the equations of motion to obtain expressions which are integrable
These simplications however greatly reduce the accuracy attainable with gen
eral perturbation techniques In summary computational eciency is gained
at the cost of accuracy these techniques have typically been used for the bulk
of Space Commands operational missions due to the computational efficiency

iSat: Interactive Satellite Viewer
Is a cool viewer. Zoom in to get a 4 space sense of the ISS orbit above earth.