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Tim Spalding on Twitter: "Has someone written a good (book-length?) primer on online virality—the theory, whys and why-nots?"
Two books suggested:

Do Baysian statistics, Kalman filters and convolutioal neural networks share underlying principles?

"adult C. elegans hermaphrodite has 302 neurons that belong to two distinct and independent nervous systems: a large somatic nervous system (282 neurons) and a small pharyngeal nervous system (20 neurons)."
Hermaphrodite - Nervous System - General Overview

I've forgotten how a simple neural network works.

Pinoccio - Wireless microcontroller for web-enabled DIY projects.

"The neural network of the worm Caenorhabditis elegans, the power grid of the western United States, and the collaboration graph of film actors are shown to be small-world networks. " Collective dynamics of /`small-world/' networks : Abstract : Nature