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If You Could See All The Asteroids, What Would The Sky Look Like?

This is kind of scary. I know there are patterns there but it sure looks random in a way that is somehow different from biological systems.

@astVintageSpace Have you posted anything about the LLRV or LLTV? I haven't found anything yet.

Numerically modelling tidal dissipation with bottom drag in the oceans of Titan and Enceladus

Anyone predict when we'll see transit from camera? I don't have the data or orbital chops to figure that out.

"vernier engine throttle settings were controlled using a proportional-plus-derivative
feedback loop closed around the measured vs. desired velocity magnitude as
a function of altitude, represented by the [~parabolic] descent contour"
Surveyor Spacecraft Automatic Landing System
Sam W. Thurman
AAS 04-062

.@DS_COVR Why no 10 & 11 November EPIC images? New ?