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Vocal Cord Dysplasia Using the flexible Elevate ENT CO2 Laser -
Vaguely similar to 3/1/17 MEEI procedure

An Immigrant Doctor (rural Georgia, most patients white supporters) on the Immigration Ban

Back to house after surgery. It went well! Thanks to @VoiceDoc999 & Carla & all at @MassEyeAndEar & @AngelFlightNE

Completed 6 weeks of Vancomycin & Meropenem. PICC line is out. I'm free!

Sometimes you run into a medical person who's so great it almost seems worthwhile being sick. Alas, it's not.

Surgery over. Good result. Swallowing hurts for now. Much nap.

priorities: I'm doing my taxes because I'm supposed to get a neti pot.

@jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen on Twitter: "After intense criticism, the Toronto Star takes down its misleading HPV vaccine story, admitting a colossal mistake."

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