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Self-Paced Online Courses in Computer Programming and 3D Modeling

Earth Orbit Simulator -
Position the Satellite and its initial velocity vector to see the resulting orbit around the Earth.

Remarkable research and model (in Orbiter) of the Gemini rendezvous process

Gemini semi-optical rendezvous tutorial (v 0.3)

An Illumination | Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything
"C├ędric Villani won the prestigious Fields Medal for his work in 2010. He wrote a book about his experience called Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure. It is a book about where ideas come from. "

"The neural network of the worm Caenorhabditis elegans, the power grid of the western United States, and the collaboration graph of film actors are shown to be small-world networks. " Collective dynamics of /`small-world/' networks : Abstract : Nature