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Vocal Cord Dysplasia Using the flexible Elevate ENT CO2 Laser -
Vaguely similar to 3/1/17 MEEI procedure

This is the first morning I've felt good since 2/17 surgery.

Earth Orbit Simulator -
Position the Satellite and its initial velocity vector to see the resulting orbit around the Earth.

When will EPIC whole earth images be available? Anyone? @DS_COVR @algore @Spaceflight101 @NASASpaceflight

12 year old launches balloon that goes as high as U2, SR71, F104 zoom. (93,625 feet)

$675 kit:

Nouvelle vidéo démonstration de sécurité Air France / New Air France safety demonstration video - YouTube

Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
An oasis of fuzzy thinking

"Boom and Zoom: The History of the NF-104A AST"
John Terry White

It's apparent the J Terry White is defending ? vs Chuck Yeager

The Big Skate on Vimeo
Saw this on MPBN last night

It reminds me of what I'd like to do on Long Pond

"The roll rockets were designed for a maximum thrust of 40 pounds and the pitch and yaw rockets for a maximum thrust of 113 lbs, at an altitude of 200,000 feet."

Jarvis, Calvin R.; Lock, Wilton P. (1965). Operational Experience With the X-15 Reaction Control and Reaction Augmentation Systems. NASA. OCLC 703664750. TN D-2864.
"The pitch/yaw thrusters were rated at 113 lbf (500 N) thrust each and the roll thrusters were rated at 43 lbf (190 N) thrust."