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"vernier engine throttle settings were controlled using a proportional-plus-derivative
feedback loop closed around the measured vs. desired velocity magnitude as
a function of altitude, represented by the [~parabolic] descent contour"
Surveyor Spacecraft Automatic Landing System
Sam W. Thurman
AAS 04-062

Bradwii tutorial introduction -

"Hubsan X4 H107 serie uses Invensense MPU-3050 gyro, mCube MC3210 accelerometer and A7105 RF."

Online Apollo Guidance Computer Simulator
My very 1st G+ search for deep passionate geek stuff. @mikeelgan @twit suggestion. Too cool.

"The roll rockets were designed for a maximum thrust of 40 pounds and the pitch and yaw rockets for a maximum thrust of 113 lbs, at an altitude of 200,000 feet."

Jarvis, Calvin R.; Lock, Wilton P. (1965). Operational Experience With the X-15 Reaction Control and Reaction Augmentation Systems. NASA. OCLC 703664750. TN D-2864.
"The pitch/yaw thrusters were rated at 113 lbf (500 N) thrust each and the roll thrusters were rated at 43 lbf (190 N) thrust."

Simulated Spaceflight with the Iron Cross - YouTube
This would make a great carnival ride. At least if you can't have this: