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Floating Power Plant -Sustainable Energy Power Plants - Poseidon's Organ

"Two SunEdison employees and six Vestas employees work at Bull Hill daily..."

"An average [311 foot] turbine climb takes around 10 minutes and is performed two to four times per week."

Get a copy of "report on the experiments" referenced in Kite Journal Fall 2004? - - Gmail

In Plain Sight - BackStory with the American History Guys
Infrastructure: Lighthouses, AC vs DC (Tesla), pipelines vs railroads, containers

When the boom is over you might want to have a railroad rather than a pipeline.

Airborne Wind Energy: It's All Platypuses Instead Of Cheetahs | CleanTechnica
A & of a bunch of high altitude

KiteGen 2006 Sardegna tests - YouTube
Lots of detail in the captions

KiteGen Stem - YouTube
The second half explains several results

"in a 2–MW wind turbine, the weight of the rotor and the tower is typically about 250 tons [...] a kite generator of the same rated power can be obtained using a 500–m2 kite and cables 1000–m long, witha total weight of about 2 tons only."

SkySails GmbH - SkySails in Airspace

"In routine operations the towing rope of the 160m² towing kite of the SKS C 160 is let out to a length of approx. 280 meters, and the towing rope of the approx. 300m² towing kite of the SKS C 320 is let out to a length of max. 420 meters. "

"Commissioning of the spacecraft will take approximately 40 days...'

Climate Change and Energy Source Diversity

2 min read

I'm preparing these notes in preparation for Anna Demeo and Jay Friedlander's talk at the Southwest Harbor Public Library at 5:30pm Tuesday 12 May 2015.

The Earth's climate is a complex, chaotic system. Judith Curry makes the point that it is difficult to differentiate human caused climate change from natural climate variability.

The global debate about climate change is highly polarized. Many people belive strongly that human caused climate change threatens the world's polital and economic future. Many other people believe that this is not the case. This division often occurs along the liberal/conservative divide. I'm generally liberal. Public pundit David Frum strikes me a a generally hard-headed conservative on many issues such as the middle east, immigrations and the Clintons although many present day conservatives would consider him to be a RINO. I'd call him an NPR Republican.

Confirmation bias.

Do fluid flows in the Earth oceans and atmosphere meet the definition of "turbulent"?

A web site such as What's Up With That

What does Judith Curry believe

"Google engineer" critique of renewable energy sources - 

Since I am not a climate scientist and do not have a command of the research and data, how do I decide?

Adaptation, survival and predicting the future

Nate Silver

My principal argument is that given the uncertainty about the future of the Earth's climate, energy source diversity should be the goal.

I also have a aesthetic preference for wind turbines over mining coal via mountain top removal etc.

Freeman Dyson

5/6/2015 update:

Isn't the fact that the climate is always changing an arugment for energy source diversity