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@Chris_arnade No doubt you know this: 'Glass House' Chronicles The Sharp Decline Of An All-American Factory Town

Piketty: "book's central thesis is that when the rate of return on capital (r) is greater than the rate of economic growth (g) over the long term, the result is concentration of wealth, and this unequal distribution of wealth causes social and economic instability".

.@judell a fundamental issue: "the world’s supply of creative talent far exceeds the commercial demand for it."

Jon Udell on Twitter: "On getting paid (or not) to write."

Making paper: the four Fs: "Fuel, fiber, freight and folks. Those are the big cost drivers in our business."Maine Manufacturers: More Natural Gas Needed to Lower Energy Costs |

Maine Public Broadcasting

Fracking — pro, con & price the externalities - I learned a lot:

Economic Boom or Natural Disaster? | Maine Public Broadcasting