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Today it was not really raining. It was also not really not raining.

Kayak during Susan's lunch hour!

Busy at Lower Town Landing.

Back to house after surgery. It went well! Thanks to @VoiceDoc999 & Carla & all at @MassEyeAndEar & @AngelFlightNE

Completed 6 weeks of Vancomycin & Meropenem. PICC line is out. I'm free!

Kayak about the harbor. Sunset. Rose colored glasses.

Surgery over. Good result. Swallowing hurts for now. Much nap.

I had the harbor to myself yesterday evening as I paddled back from Beal's
Saw one of these at the Damariscotta Mills Alewife Festival yesterday.

This is the first morning I've felt good since 2/17 surgery.

Breakfast at Grumpy's, kayak to Greening Island, then to the Claremont, then home. A day.

Coming home from the Claremont the harbor was quiet.

Talked to Martha. She's seen Jurassic World 4 times, once with Peter & Cassie. Peter laughed. She also recommends Spy.