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Rotational breakup as the origin of small asteroids | Nature

@listen2spacepod Hi Carrie- I'd love to hear a show about binary asteroids and asteroids with satellites.

If You Could See All The Asteroids, What Would The Sky Look Like?

This is kind of scary. I know there are patterns there but it sure looks random in a way that is somehow different from biological systems.

Animation of Orbit and Approach of June 2, 2016 Arizona Fireball -
Dr Amy Mainzer discusses how she & her team calculated how many asteroids are out in space waiting to be discovered.

Near-Earth Objects: Finding Them Before They Find Us - Donald K. Yeomans

NEOWISE Reactivation Mission Year One: Preliminary Asteroid Diameters and Albedos

Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis Website ORSA

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