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Listen (or watch) @leolaporte 's best of 2016 conversations. You're sure to find some of interest

The Right Way to Resist Trump
Lesson & warning from Berlusconi years

Kayak during Susan's lunch hour!

Busy at Lower Town Landing.
"NF-104 on a zero-G trajectory through the thin atmosphere at the edge of space for about 80 seconds."

Back to house after surgery. It went well! Thanks to @VoiceDoc999 & Carla & all at @MassEyeAndEar & @AngelFlightNE

The Romance Division - A Different Side of IBM: Cornelius E. Deloca, Samuel J. Kalow

Gallery Leather: Handmade and Personalized Leather Journals, Albums, Planners and more

Surgery over. Good result. Swallowing hurts for now. Much nap.