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Highly curated inchoate miscellany

1226 Francis of Assisi died age 44 or 45. Genghis Khan died the following year age age ~65.

I Will Wait by Dj Quads | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Via Tucker Gott

"he thought it might be the most inimate thing possible, to fall asleep next to someone in the afternoon"

Many thanks to @AngelFlightNE & pilot Robert S on the way home from treatment at @MassEyeAndEar

original and visualizations (some for Wikipedia)
1ucasvb's lab

Make a search with a url you can send and have the search replayed.

I am automatically bookmarking URLs I tweet and favorite to my account. via @packratius

...what we all agree on is that, "if you are in favor of Global Liberal Hegemony, you are the enemy." (Dugin)