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Tfw one of your favorite podcasts and hosts starts advertising a service that tricked you into spamming your gmail contact list.

Overlap?: Technical goals of
(@DATproject @IPFSbot @BeakerBrowser)
Content Centric Networking (eg @asperasoft )?

.@glitch All of a sudden in the Chrome address field g offers Glitch instead of Gmail
I need gm for Gmail

When @BeakerBrowser gets a @dat_project public key it has never seen before, how does it turn it into an ip address?

.@evernotehelps I don't like it that you've removed the field from the Chrome Clipper to add it bit of my own text at the top of the note.

Colaboratory is [...] a Jupyter notebook environment that requires no setup to use.–

@glitch machine by @maryrosecook:
My minor changes:
Learning a lot!

Code for Science & Society - Community Call wrap up! @codeforsociety @dat_project

.@listen2spacepod When you get to the east coast maybe try Moxie soda on a show. I've heard it described as revolting.

Finally flew the $100 I found at the . Slick!

Where does @BeakerBrowser put old versions of a file? I see them in the History tab but I can't find them on my drive.

This is a test