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@listen2spacepod Hi Carrie- I'd love to hear a show about binary asteroids and asteroids with satellites.

@kevinmarks I've been enjoying @BBCInOurTime - Many thanks for the tip! @twitlive @leolaporte

@SamHarrisOrg I think you should have @scottatran on your .

Episode 081 - Jason Brochu of Pleasant River via @po_st
Listened to . Inarticulate, knee jerk, happy talk conservative hosts don't get @davidfrum: not normal

Welcome to Our Neoliberal World - Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Su @listen2spacepod
M @ThisAmerLife
Tu Suggestions?
W @SlateCultFest
Th @TWiT
F @NewYorkerRadio
S @waitwait

Sensing Chaos, Russia Takes A 'Wait-And-See' Approach To Trump : NPR

Surprisingly sympathetic to Putin.

An Immigrant Doctor (rural Georgia, most patients white supporters) on the Immigration Ban