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One person recapitulates late '50s booster guidance development with

The Keyhole, Burnt Porcupine Island, Father's Day 2018

Bart Ehrman surveys historical critical biblical scholarship

Today it was not really raining. It was also not really not raining.

.@gigastacey Are you aware of the use IPFS, Dat, Van Jacobson's NDN or other P2Pish protocols in IOT?

"Ethereum uses a system called ‘smart contracts’ to execute scripts on the blockchain, extending bitcoin to a turing-complete language."

.@dat_project @BeakerBrowser I created an with Hyperdrive.archive.writeFile. How do I tell there's a new archive?

@dat @BeakerBrowser I've created an with Hyperdrive.archive.writeFile. How do I tell the system there's a new archive?

It's like the 1st time I used Mosaic - I've just donated $10 to @BeakerBrowser. Consider donating, every bit helps!

Tfw one of your favorite podcasts and hosts starts advertising a service that tricked you into spamming your gmail contact list.

Overlap?: Technical goals of
(@DATproject @IPFSbot @BeakerBrowser)
Content Centric Networking (eg @asperasoft )?

@glitch is a beautiful and prayerful thing

.@glitch All of a sudden in the Chrome address field g offers Glitch instead of Gmail
I need gm for Gmail

When @BeakerBrowser gets a @dat_project public key it has never seen before, how does it turn it into an ip address?