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@astVintageSpace A great post or video would be about the actual problems the women of @HiddenFigures were solving and the methods they used

"the blissful union of biscuit and combined"

Talked to Martha. She's seen Jurassic World 4 times, once with Peter & Cassie. Peter laughed. She also recommends Spy. "story of the McKay family and the 88′, 300 ton galleon they built in Addison, ME. It’s the moving and tragic story of a ship, the family that built her and the personal mission that became an obsession."

"The neural network of the worm Caenorhabditis elegans, the power grid of the western United States, and the collaboration graph of film actors are shown to be small-world networks. " Collective dynamics of /`small-world/' networks : Abstract : Nature