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My friend Bev adds Ouch and Oops.
Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers: @ANNELAMOTT
Listened to . Inarticulate, knee jerk, happy talk conservative hosts don't get @davidfrum: not normal

@jennycolgan: "There was a universe inside every human being every bit as big at the universe outside them. Books were the best way Nina knew ... to breach the barrier"
p234 235

Jordan Peterson
"The central problem of human beings isn’t religion, as the New Atheists insist. It’s tribalism. "

gran fondo, cyclosportive, randonnée cyclosportive, audax, randonneuring, brevet, allure libre

Shots Fired 1/2 - Radiolab
Mike Chitwood @ 31:50 but listen to the whole thing

If You Could See All The Asteroids, What Would The Sky Look Like?

This is kind of scary. I know there are patterns there but it sure looks random in a way that is somehow different from biological systems.

Welcome to Our Neoliberal World - Open Source with Christopher Lydon