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Finally flew the $100 I found at the . Slick!

Where does @BeakerBrowser put old versions of a file? I see them in the History tab but I can't find them on my drive.

@BeakerBrowser How does Beaker know what files in my archive have been published?

@BeakerBrowser is not working for me this morning. Other @BeakerBrowser apps seem to be working. Is anyone else having problems?

@pfrazee Why do you say decentralized and not distributed?

This is a test

@ldutson Can you offer examples of passing "laws assigning liability" helping to fix a problem such as gun violence?

@leolaporte I love to hear @baconmeteor (Maciej Ceglowski of @Pinboard) on or or another @twitlive show.

@BBCInOurTime I'd love to hear a show about George Price.

somebody [...] had called pneumonia the patient's friend because it takes you away fairly painlessly.

"2 panels: Big bang. Heat death. You're done." Understanding Comics with Scott McCloud - 99% Invisible

Our Last Six Months – An Illustrated Memoir About , , End of Life Care, , Family, and Forgiveness

Send in the Gowns Not addressed: Judicial chaos benefits privatly run detention center

@20korg Have you ever done an episode about DTMF - Touch Tone?

@MSNBC @joanwalsh @ANNELAMOTT Just

Great east coast north america opportunity coming right up